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I downloaded the program, file crashes if I change any of the settings. The load up settings if not changed the program will run

Bad app I'm glad I didn't pay for it

I am glad I didn't pay for the 5.99 one because I wouldn't be happy. You can't even seen the pictures for the quizzes.

App is Good

Update to iOS 7 fixed the view display issues.

I would pay for it but... poorly designed

I'm glad that he's given a free view into the app, albeit for 7 dollars to buy- I expect a LOT. It does not deliver. The answers to the questions are 70% wrong- as many have noted in the paid version- with 0% developer interest in providing a fix or an update. There are no additional special features- nothing to really justify paying that much for an app. This app is worth 4 bucks tops. But even I would score it higher- and even BUY it for that reason if I saw that an update came out that fixed all the incorrect answers!!! *HINT HINT* developer!!!!! You have a customer willing to pay your outrageous price- if you'd only put a little work into it and play "match up" the correct answer.

Bought the paid version

This is a good trail version to check out but the full version does so much more. If you like this free version, you will love the full version. It is definitely worth the money. This app actually came recommended by a criminal justice professor. I agree with his recommendation.

Good indicator of what to expect in paid version

The lite version is good to get to check out the paid version before the commitment but the adds make it almost impossible to use.


I am so glad I purchased this study guide. Very addicting, full of enormous information. Great job, this is your first review and mine. Never felt the need to write a review before. But you folks deserve my time for this. Thank you

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